Moving private capital from the

sidelines to active investment.




The Refugee Investment Network (RIN) is the first impact investing and blended finance collaborative dedicated to creating long-term solutions to global forced migration.

The RIN moves private capital from commitment to active investment by sourcing, structuring, and supporting the financing of projects and companies that benefit refugees and host communities. Ultimately, the RIN aims to bridge the gap between the untapped entrepreneurial potential of refugees and capital markets to spur economic growth, create jobs, and increase socio-economic stability among displaced people.

The RIN strategy has three pillars:

  1. Research: Create the first investor-centered knowledge hub targeting business opportunities that support refugee self-reliance

  2. Facilitation: Build a pipeline of bankable deals that will speed and scale private investment in communities of displaced people

  3. Policy and Advocacy: Articulate and bridge investor needs to funders, governments, and the development community to drive catalytic investments and policies

By 2030, the RIN aims to unlock at least $1 billion in investment deals that produce over one million new jobs and measurably improve the livelihood opportunities for refugees and their host communities.