Project name: Chatterbox

Status: Active

Type: Social enterprise

Refugee investment category: R1, R3

SDGs addressed: 4, 8, 10

Headquarters regions: London, UK

Sector: Education & Translation Services

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Summary: Founded by Mursal Hedayat, a refugee from Afghanistan living in the UK, Chatterbox is an online language learning platform designed and delivered by refugees. Language skills are increasingly necessary in the globalized economy and Chatterbox helps to train and connect refugee instructors with language students. Using an online booking platform and video classrooms, Chatterbox is able to connect instructors with learners around the world. Classes can be offered one-on-one, to whole classrooms, or organizations who purchase lessons on behalf of their members

Potential refugee impact: Underemployment remains a challenge for refugees, and Chatterbox provides refugees an opportunity to use their language skills to provide online and and in-person language learning. Refugees may also lack access to formal employment training, and Chatterbox helps to provide vocational training for interested teachers, enhancing their future employment. 50% of Chatterbox profits are reinvested in activities benefiting refugee employment.

Investment thesis: E-learning is a rapidly expanding field and Chatterbox is well positioned to capture part of the online language learning market. The company's commitment to supporting refugees has generated considerable media interest in the company and will be an asset for their marketing strategy. They have already secured a variety of corporate clients including WeWork, SOAS University of London, the British Red Cross, and the University of Edinburgh. Partnerships with universities and other educational institutions represent a significant income opportunity for Chatterbox.

Structure: Founded by Mursal Hedayat, Chatterbox is a social enterprise based in the UK focused on addressing the language learning needs of both individual and corporate clients.

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