Leaf Global Fintech

Investment: Leaf Global Fintech

Status: Active

Type: Social enterprise

Refugee investment category: R3

SDGs addressed: 8, 10

Headquarters regions: Nashville, Tennessee

Sector: Financial services

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Summary: Leaf offers integrated financial services to refugees and internally displaced persons, using blockchain to create a safe and secure system for individuals to store assets, receive payments, and make transfers. This suite of products works on any mobile phone (no smartphone required) providing easier access to particularly vulnerable populations. By using blockchain to facilitate digital payments, customers avoid unnecessarily high transaction costs charged by traditional money transfer companies. Refugees are other displaced persons are often at risk of criminal activity, and physical currency is especially difficult to safely store and transport across borders. Leaf provides individuals with an opportunity to create a safe and secure financial identity while also lowering their financial burden to access key services.

Potential refugee impact: Traditional banking institutions have been unable to provide services to refugees and other forcibly displaced persons, thus providing an opening for companies like Leaf to improve the financial livelhoods of these communities. Creating platforms to efficiently receive transfers, store their assets, and make payments all help to improve the financial livelihoods of refugees. Limited technology and physical infrastructure during transit and in refugee camps necessitate innovative solutions to ensure that refugees and internally displaced persons are financially included. Leaf Global Fintech has designed a suite of mobile products, backed by blockchain to ensure that such populations can access these essential financial services.

Investment thesis: Leaf Global Fintech uses blockchain technology to create a suite a mobile financial services for refugees and internally displaced persons. When individuals store value on the platform, it is not kept in digital currencies, instead, Leaf uses that stored value to make investments that generate income for the company. Rather than charging excessive fees to their users, or putting them at risk, Leaf is able to safely and securely make income from value stored on the platform.

Structure: Leaf Global Fintech is a social enterprise based in the United States. Led by a team with extensive experience in microfinance, blockchain, and mobile technology, they are well poised to deliver a product to improve the financial livelihoods of refugees.

Interested in learning more about this deal? Please contact info@refugeeinvestments.org.

Sara Beatty