SEAF Flex Fund

Project name: SEAF Flex Fund

Status: Active

Type: Impact investment fund

Refugee investment category: R3

SDGs addressed: 8, 10, maybe more depending on investments

Headquarters regions: Washington, D.C., USA

Sector: Multi-sector

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Summary: SEAF is a global impact private equity manager with 38 emerging market impact funds and 426 investments globally. SEAF has committed to apply the Refugee Investment Lens to their investments globally, including a dedicated Flex Account fund, which will deploy at least $50 million to forcibly displaced entrepreneurs and related ventures by 2021. SEAF will also match each Refugee Lens Investment with 3% of its own money.

Potential refugee impact: SEAF has a tremendous track record supporting refugees' ability to work or own a business. In 2007, SEAF invested in Bosnian refugee Goran Kovacevic, who operated a chain of grocery stores. With SEAF's support Kovacevic was able to expand from 16 stores and 306 employees to 159 stores, nearly 1000 employees and annual revenues over $100 million. SEAF's Flex Fund provides investors with an opportunity to support a diverse community of refugee owned and supported businesses who have the potential to improve lives in their communities.

Investment thesis: RIN"s Refugee Lens provides investors with the ability to best understand the financial and social impact of their investments in regards to refugees and internally displaced people. SEAF's commitment to creating a Flex Account dedicated to forcibly displaced entrepreneurs will help to catalyze the field and provide further evidence for the viability of refugee owned and supported businesses.

Structure: The SEAF Flex Fund provides investors with an opportunity unique in the investment space, structured with a limited investment period and a one-time load fee at each investment, with no recurring management fees or fund expenses. SEAF’s vast network covers 35 countries in which SEAF has an on-the-ground presence, providing a significant advantage in finding companies that possess the business capacity and direction to grow while allowing SEAF to avoid regions and countries that are facing economic headwinds. The themes offered give the Fund the opportunity to generate double-bottom line returns, creating additional investment capital in market while generating quality jobs, gender empowerment, and environmental stewardship among impact work.

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