Driving economic prosperity through improved investor networks and increased capital investments.


how it works

Drawing on deep domain expertise on impact investing, development finance, and migration issues, and enabled through the thoughtful application of data science, the RIN provides its members with three core offerings:



RIN creates the investment and impact proof points that serve as the foundation of a vibrant refugee investment market. RIN members benefit from:

  • Market intelligence: The first knowledge hub containing investor-centric research on the current business, investment, and regulatory context of emerging and frontier markets that host large numbers of refugees or forced migrant populations

  • Expert insights: Guidance on where and how to incorporate displaced communities into investment strategies, with a focus on understanding local realities, opportunities, and how to effectively partner with governments and international financial institutions

  • Deal scorecards: Access to independent and unbiased evaluations of the impact of investments on displaced and host communities designed in collaboration with investment and humanitarian partners



RIN helps investors put their capital to work supporting displaced people and the communities hosting them. This support includes:

  • Deal flow: A geographically diversified portfolio of high-quality investment opportunities including deals that: (a) hire and source from refugees and forced-migrant populations; (b) provide goods and services to refugees and host communities; (c) expand the number and quality of refugee-owned micro, small, and medium sized enterprises; (d) strengthen social enterprises that meet refugee and host community needs; or (e) utilize development impact bonds

  • Co-investment facilitation: Access to co-investment or partners to move deals up the funding ladder and fill specific investment gaps, particularly in blended finance and impact investment deals



RIN bridges the gap between private investors, international donors, governments, and NGOs in the broader global development community. These efforts focus on:

  • Access and voice: Streamlined access between private investors, development finance institutions, and aid agencies to convey investor needs and market barriers that need to be mitigated to enhance capital entry and deal flow

  • National policy: Strategic influence to reshape national policies in target countries so they are more supportive to investment and economic opportunities for refugees

  • Changing the narrative: telling powerful stories of how refugees are investable and are significant contributors to local economies



Ultimately, the RIN aims to bridge the gap between the untapped entrepreneurial potential of refugees and capital markets to spur economic growth, create jobs, and increase socio-economic stability among displaced people.

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