What peace in Eritrea means for forced migration

CSIS article on Eritrea's peace agreement and the potential impact it has for forced migration. 

For two decades Eritrea has been in a frozen conflict with Ethiopia. The conflict is used as an excuse for mandatory and indefinite “national service,” one of the major reasons—alongside limited economic prospects—people are leaving Eritrea. The formal declaration signed by Ethiopia on July 9, 2018, to end the long-standing conflict has been a fast-moving situation, one that could have enormous and long-term positive impacts on people being forced to leave the country. For almost two decades, Eritrea’s national service policy has kept the entire society available at all times to defend the country and ensure Eritrea’s survival. It remains a source of many of Eritrea’s current problems. The formal end of the war should set off a chain of reactions that should enable Eritrea to relax its national service policy and thereby reduce forced migration from the country.

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Sara Beatty