Bridging the gap between the untapped potential of refugees and the capital markets.


why refugees?


Today, more than 68 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide – 25 million of whom are refugees – the highest number in human history.

Modern refugee crises are characterized by irregular, forced migration that is compounded by political and economic challenges like rising nationalism and slowdowns in job creation. Unfortunately, existing systems for short-term emergency response and productive integration have not kept up with these evolving trends and are both under-resourced and broken.

The resulting dilemma represents the defining social crisis of our time that requires urgent, scalable, and economically sustainable solutions.

While an increasing number of humanitarian efforts strive to create and expand economic growth for refugees in host countries, private investors and capital are often missing from the equation. Significant interest from across the capital continuum exists in the social and traditional investment community, but the investment landscape in forced migration settings remains highly fragmented

Bankable deals are few and far between.

We see both an enormous need and opportunity to increase deal flow by working with groups from all sides – investors, governments, donors, host and refugee populations – to improve our understanding of how to navigate the investment climate and mitigate associated risks to capital and the targeted populations. We believe the best way to do this is by building a robust and enabled network of impact investors and other stakeholders who, working together, can unlock private capital that spurs growth, creates jobs, and leads to social and economic prosperity.